Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance with Customusic

On-Site Maintenance and Support

We understand the importance of seamless communication systems in the restaurant industry. That’s why we offer comprehensive on-site visits to ensure your headsets and equipment are in optimal condition, allowing your operations to run smoothly. Here’s how we can support your business:

Partner with Customusic for comprehensive on-site maintenance and support services, and experience enhanced communication efficiency and reliability in your restaurant operations.

On-Site Visits

We prioritize personalized service by conducting on-site visits to each restaurant. During these visits, we meticulously maintain your headsets, battery chargers, batteries, base stations, speakers, and microphones. While we recommend 3-4 visits per contract year, we are flexible with timing and billing to accommodate your schedule and needs.

Equipment Hygiene

Clean equipment is essential for efficient operations. Our team ensures that your headsets are not only functional but also spotlessly clean, promoting proper usage by your employees and extending the lifespan of your system.

Warranty Maintenance

We understand that your DT systems represent a significant investment. To help you control costs, we diligently track your warranty and provide proactive maintenance to minimize expenses and maximize the lifespan of your equipment.

Operational Efficiency

Our team provides training on the proper operation of base station controls and headset programming, empowering your staff to utilize the equipment effectively. We also offer guidance on handling headsets to prevent damage, ensuring long-term reliability.

Headset Repair Service

Should any headsets require repair within the quarter, simply reach out to us, and we’ll facilitate the process by sending a return shipping label to your restaurant. Our turnaround time for repairs is swift, typically within 3-4 days, and we only charge for parts and shipping, keeping costs transparent and manageable.

Value-Added Service

In addition to headset maintenance, we go the extra mile by inspecting and adjusting CCTV, COD, speaker posts, music, and video systems during our visits. Any necessary repairs are conducted efficiently, with billing in 15-minute increments if the work is completed onsite.