Drive Thru Timers

Key Benefits of PAR Drive-Thru Timer

  • Empowers staff to deliver a great drive-thru experience with visibility into key areas of the drive-thru operation
  • Increase sales and throughput – locations that deploy PAR Drive-Thru Timer typically show at least a ten-second reduction in service times. This translates to about five additional cars processed per hour, for more revenue with the same crew in the same amount of time
  • Motivates your crew and promotes teamwork and collaboration, leading to faster service and happier guests
  • Near-real-time reporting gives managers the insights they need to resolve bottlenecks, improve process steps for faster service, and coach or train crews or individuals
Key Benefits of PAR Drive Thru Timers

PAR Drive-Thru Timer Powered by Techknow™

Give drive-thru guests the convenience they expect. Supercharge throughput and sales by empowering your crew and managers with the right tools for management and visibility.
techknow drive thru systems
  • Comprehensive drive-thru timer capabilities
  • Customizable drive-thru layouts to support brand requirements
  • Clear, concise and simple graphics customizable by hour or day
  • Ability to measure and report key metrics such as average total service times, total number of cars, window times, drive-offs
  • Configuration and finetuning capabilities for managers or corporate leaders as they manage performance targets
  • Powerful above-store reporting empowering managers and the corporate team – by enterprise, region, site, and even individual transactions
  • Proactive remote monitoring capability to quickly identify any issues without dispatching a technician, avoiding cost of a truck roll
  • Crew-facing screen that gamifies speed of service and displays service time rankings, car positions, and more