Music & Sound


Good music that sounds bad can be just as distracting as inappropriate music. As technology changes your customers are becoming accustomed to increasingly richer and more vibrant sound quality. Customusic’s origin began providing quality sound systems with excellent reliability. Let our experts tailor the system to your store and your budget. But commercial speaker system for Restaurants and Bussiness.


70% of retailers believe music increases sales.

We offer streaming background music for businesses from MixHits Radio.

Customized channel lineups to fit your business environment for nearly every holiday.

Custom in-store advertising with music

Customized music and/or messaging ON-HOLD for your telephone system

Satellite Service with over 100 channels is also available in locations without and internet connection

We offer commercial sound system for restaurant, installation and service, including:

  • Background music and paging systems for restaurants, retail and business offices
  • Foreground music systems for retail and restaurants
  • Paging for commercial and industrial buildings
  • Sound reinforcement for meeting rooms and churches

91% Of Customers Say Music Affects Their Shopping Behavior.

You’ve got a business to run. So Customusic makes getting the right music fast and easy. Our Customusic specialists have over three decades of experience crafting effective sonic solutions for businesses big and small – from the local physician’s office to the global fashion retailer. Stop playing DJ and turn it over to Customusic.

  • An initial assessment by our experts lets us learn about your business and define your specific needs.
  • A dynamic choice of service options and access to our vast music library give you the right solution for your business and budget.
  • Our Signature service delivers the ultimate in customization, offering song-by-song selection with guidance from our expert Music Designers.
  • Day-parting technology lets you automate changes in your playlist to accommodate nearly any situation, including demographic shifts, changing moods and special events or promotions.
  • Reliable, state-of-the-art audio equipment makes updates effortless – by CD, Ethernet or satellite.