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We service transactional drawers and remote delivery systems including pneumatic tube and track systems
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Pneumatic Tube Solutions

Streamline Pharmacy Operations with Remote Delivery Systems

Pneumatic Tube & Track Systems

Transform the way your pharmacy operates with our pneumatic tube systems. These advanced systems enable the quick and secure transfer of prescriptions, documents, and samples between different areas of your pharmacy, improving workflow efficiency and reducing wait times. Simply insert your items into the tube, and watch as they’re swiftly transported to the intended destination within your pharmacy. With pneumatic tube systems, you can streamline operations and enhance customer service, making your pharmacy a beacon of efficiency in the community.

Efficient and Secure Drive-Thru Pharmacy Transactions

Experience seamless pharmacy transactions with our innovative drive-thru transactional drawers. Designed for speed and convenience, these drawers allow for swift exchanges of prescriptions, medications, and other items between customers and pharmacy staff. With a focus on security and accuracy, our transactional drawers ensure that every interaction is smooth and hassle-free, providing peace of mind for both customers and staff alike.
Banking Solutions from Customusic
PAR G5 Base Station: Range & Reliability

Revolutionizing Pharmacy Operations

At Customusic, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by pharmacies in today’s competitive landscape. With our comprehensive range of solutions and specialized expertise, we’re here to support your pharmacy’s success and enhance the experience for both customers and staff.
We’re dedicated to helping pharmacies thrive by providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your pharmacy’s success with our comprehensive range of services and expertise.

Craft Custom Music Experiences & Set the Perfect Atmosphere

Create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere in your pharmacy with our customized music solutions. Whether you’re aiming to create a calming environment for customers or boost morale for your staff, our carefully curated playlists are tailored to your pharmacy’s unique ambiance and branding. Let us help you elevate the overall experience for everyone who steps through your doors.
Set the tone for a positive and comfortable experience with our background music services. From gentle melodies to upbeat tunes, our music enhances the ambiance of your pharmacy, making waiting areas more enjoyable for customers and providing a pleasant backdrop for staff as they go about their tasks.
Pharmacy Solutions from Customusic
Pharmacy Solutions from Customusic

Enhance Communication & Efficiency with Tailored Commercial Sound Solutions

Ensure clear and effective communication throughout your pharmacy with our commercial sound systems. Whether it’s paging announcements, staff communication, or educational content for customers, our high-quality audio solutions deliver crystal-clear sound for maximum impact. Improve efficiency and customer service with reliable audio technology tailored to your pharmacy’s needs.

Empower Your Pharmacy with Seamless Data & Networking Services

Optimize your pharmacy’s operations and enhance connectivity with our robust data and networking services. From inventory management to point-of-sale systems, we provide scalable solutions designed to streamline your processes and improve efficiency. Trust in our reliable technology infrastructure to support your pharmacy’s growth and success in an increasingly digital world.
Pharmacy Solutions from Customusic

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