PAR G5 Drive Thru Headset System

PAR G5 Headset System from Customusic


PAR Drive-Thru Headsets: Crystal Clear & Built To Last

Communication is king when working the drive-thru. PAR Drive-Thru Headsets makes every order crystal clear and is built to last.
  • All-day battery life with built-in accelerometer keeps you going from breakfast to the midnight rush
  • Swap out batteries in seconds with modular components
  • Ergonomic fit for all head sizes so that your crew is comfortable on the job
  • Charge headsets in a snap without the need to disassemble
PAR Drive-Thru Headsets: Crystal Clear & Built To Last
PAR G5 Base Station: Range & Reliability

PAR G5 Base Station: Range & Reliability

Configure PAR’s G5 Base Station to support the service you want to deliver.
  • Update your system from single-lane to dual-lane with a simple software update
  • Choose from 16 pre-recorded messages for the built-in greeter
  • Expand functionality even further with add-on audio enhancers and range extenders

Key Benefits of PAR G5 Headsets & Base Stations

  • Increase order accuracy and speed of service with clear and reliable communications
  • Spend less time maintaining equipment and more time
  • Boost restaurant efficiency with PAR’s no downtime
    headset design
PAR G5 Headsets and Base Station Key Benefits

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