Order Confirmation Displays

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Better Order Confirmation. Better Business.

Delphi’s Order Confirmation Systems are the ideal solution for your point-of-sale and marketing needs.

Endura™ 15x

The Endura™ 15X is our latest generation of order confirmation displays. It’s slim and fully sealed design is highly reliable and can be mounted in a variety of configurations including speaker posts, canopies and others. The Endura 15X connects directly to the Point of Sale system to show drive thru customers their order in real time as it is entered by the crew member. It can also stream video for point of sale systems that generate their own customer-facing order confirmation interface.

Order Confirmation Systems are one of Delphi Display System’s flagship products. Since 1995, leading QSR brands have selected Delphi to provide innovative, durable, and reliable solutions. Seamlessly integrating with most point-of-sale systems, our Endura® line of order confirmation solutions improve order accuracy, speed-of-service and customer satisfaction, leading to increased revenues and profits.

Industry Experts

As one of our flagship products since its first introduction in 1995, Delphi has learned what it takes to manufacture the most reliable and full featured order confirmation displays for the QSR drive thru market.

Accurate Orders

Order confirmation displays improve order accuracy and speed of service in the drive thru, leading to increased sales and higher overall customer satisfaction

Unmatched Reliability

Delphi’s Endura™ line of ruggedized, ultra-bright outdoor displays provide superior performance in wide temperature extremes and in direct sunlight environments. Our outdoor displays come with the longest warranties available in the industry.