Surveillance & DVR Support

Please walk through the steps below for support to your Customusic product.

Indoor Cameras

Common problems with aging cameras is discoloration, warped or distorted images. If you have an indoor camera that is malfunctioning, please contact us for servicing.


DVR local and remote access. Capturing video footage for incident reports: we can help you perform this task or we can do it for you. Contact us for service!

From RemoteEyes On-Site Software

  1. Click your mouse cursor anywhere on the screen.
  2. Press F6 to get a password login prompt. Enter your password, then press ENTER.

From RemoteEyes Multi-View Software

  1. Open the Multi-View Client Software.
  2. Click on the site you’d like to view, then click the lightning bolt icon
    (or just double-click the site).
  3. Click the filmstrip icon on the Control Menu to view server clips.

Outdoor Cameras

We service your building, roof and pole cameras! If you have an outdoor camera that is malfunctioning, please contact us for servicing.

CCTV (Merge/Crash/Stack) Cameras

Most CCTV setups have the Merge/Crash camera feeding the cash window monitor, then looping to the present window monitor. If only one of these monitors is not working, it should mean that only that monitor is bad. However, if both monitors are not working, it’s possible the camera is malfunctioning. Please contact us for servicing.

If your service is interrupted by strong weather, you will need to wait for the weather to pass before your signal improves. If you have snow or ice built up on a camera, you are responsible for removing the snow/ice. Then contact us for any additional problems.