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The word CUSTOMUSIC was the name of a background music library developed by Canteen Corporation and was made at the AMI juke box company in Grand Rapids, MI. Ken Wieringa, the previous owner of Customusic Service Company, was an employee of Canteen in the 1960’s and worked with the Sound Division for 18 years. In 1979 Canteen sold the Sound Division to Ken and the name Customusic Service Co. was formed with the approval of Canteen and Rowe (AMI).

The office and shop of Customusic was originally in the home of Ken and Mary Wieringa for several years, until it was moved to 6570 S. Division in the rear of the building which is now Televideo. After 6 years at that location, it was moved to the present location at 6540 S. Division.

Customusic Service Co. is owned by the family of Tim and Martha Wieringa.

The business of Customusic is service. The first product is background music, and they have customers from Sault Ste. Marie to St. Joseph and Jackson up the east coastline to Mackinaw City.  In addition we service northern Indiana and Ohio.

We service all of Lower Michigan, Eastern Upper Peninsula Michigan and Northern Indiana.
6540 South Division Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
Customusic Service Company
6540 South Division Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49548