3M™ Wireless Communication System Model XT-1

3M’s™ primary focus is, and will always be the customer, and in the ultra-competitive Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, every second counts. That’s why you need the 3M™ Wireless Communication System Model XT-1. The industry’s first all-digital system offers superior sound clarity, advanced noise reduction and headset prompts designed to improve your communications with customers and keep your team operating at peak efficiency. Combine that with Customusic’s stellar support and service, and you’ll have the perfect recipe to help increase profits year after year.

Digital Clarity, Proven Reliability

Crystal clear sound helps improve order accuracy and boosts customer satisfaction. Advanced technology that improves communication with your customers.

Software Solutions That Keep You Running Smoothly

Customizable messages can be used to encourage, up-sell and improve productivity.

Designed For Year-Round Performance Reduce Downtime With Proactive System Diagnostics

A Smart System With Added Enhancements

An easy-to-use program that is built to help your whole team

Systems Offered

Single Lane | XT-1 Intercom | Greeter (optional) | Timer (optional) | 2-10 Headsets

Dual Lane | XT-1 Intercom | Greeter (optional) | Timer (optional) | 6-10 Headsets

Downloads | 3M™ Brochure .PDF | 3M™ XT-1 .PDF | 3M™ Timer .PDF |